The Frosty Cookie Sundae Has Returned To Wendy’s

Although on-site dining rooms are closed, Wendy’s is still filling drive-thru and delivery orders. The chain is also releasing new menu items in certain locations, and the Frosty cookie sundae is now back for a limited time.

The sundae first debuted back in April of 2019 and features a Frosty base—you can choose chocolate or vanilla—with chocolate chunk cookie bites and Ghirardelli chocolate sauce drizzled on top. At the time of its first launch, Wendy’s wrote about the sundae on the brand’s official blog, The Square Deal.

It explained that the sundae came as a solution for all of the customers who were ordering Frostys and cookies with their meals and then DIYing a similar sweet creation on their own. “The Frosty Cookie Sundae is everything you crave: sweet, just decadent enough and something you can look forward to,” the blog said.

TBH, it makes sense, but it’s likely the return won’t last for long. If these past two years are any indication, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to get this new Frosty again every April to celebrate the return of spring.

At select locations, the sundae will go for about $1.99, although prices may vary depending on where you are. If you need something savory to accompany your sweets, Wendy’s is also currently offering free cheeseburgers with mobile orders, so keep that on your radar before you put in for your next delivery and be sure to act fast, of course.

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