Remember when life was as beautiful as that hot Mandarian duck that mysteriously appeared in New York City circa 2018? We were all that blissful duck in the years leading up to 2020. Now? We are all the hamster aggressively shoving food in his face in one of BBC Earth’s latest YouTube videos because there’s not much to do as we socially distance ourselves but…eat.

In the “Pets: Wild At Heart” video series, BBC Earth teaches us about hamsters. From it, we learn that this hamster, and presumably others, are extremely bendy. Their spines are essentially super spines. But most importantly, we learn that the hamster can fit up to 20 percent of his own body mass in his cheek pouches. Thankfully, we get proof of this ability. Watching it will make you feel as though you are watching a recording taken of yourself in self-quarantine without your knowledge. We’ve been exposed.

As we are all confined to our homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, one of our main activities (and hobbies, if you will) is eating. We’re cooking and stress baking up a storm, then stuffing our faces like this hamster. Obviously, we are not as capable as this hamster when it comes to fitting that much food in our mouths at once. Our mouths don’t extend all the way to our hips like the hamster’s pouches do. But, hey, we do our best!

Stuffing our faces is the collective mood. Let us continue to find joy in it whether it involves devouring banana bread or demolishing plates of pasta.

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