Walmart Is Selling Ice Cream Sandwiches With Mocha Ice Cream

Some flavor combinations in life just work so well together, like lemon and lime, apples and cinnamon, and coffee and chocolate. Sure, you can whip up some stuff in your own kitchen that features those combos, but it’s even better when you can have someone else do it for you. Luckily, Walmart’s got you covered with these new coffee-chocolate ice cream sandwiches that sound amazing.

They’re called Great Value’s Mocha Moment ice cream sandwiches, and they were spotted by Instagram account @CandyHunting. “New Mocha Moment ice cream sandwiches are out now at Walmart! These have coffee ice cream between two double chocolate chip cookies,” they wrote.

These aren’t some puny little ice cream sandwiches here. By the looks of it, they’re quite the handful (literally!) and big enough to fill your craving for coffee and chocolate all in one go.

People were pretty excited about the new dessert in the comments of the post, and honestly, we do not blame them one bit! “Omfg that sounds amazing,” one person wrote. “Gotta try these soon ☕🍨,” another said. “Saaaaahweeeeet!! Yum,” another chimed in.

A little coffee ice cream, a little chocolate cookie and chocolate chips…what’s not to love? Apparently this a brand-spanking new dessert, because it’s not even on yet.

There’s no word on price, but Walmart’s Great Value brand is known for cranking out delicious food at cheap prices, so…these not-so-little treats shouldn’t break your budget.

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