This Quick And Easy Atte Ka Halwa Is Ideal For Untimely Sugar Cravings

Dripping with ghee and decadence is how most of us like our bowl of halwa. You would be surprised to know that halwa is not of Indian origin. It was brought in India by Middle-Eastern travellers. We love halwa so much that even after trying multiple renditions of the dessert, we can never get enough of it. From Mirchi ka halwa to kiwi ka halwa, there is no dearth of quirky varieties, but there are days when you are craving the simplest form of the delicacy, and for such days this atte ka halwa could be an ideal fit. No exotic ingredients, no fuss – atte ka halwa is a classic that can warm your heart at any point of the day. Add to it the magic of chunky nuts and dry fruits and you have a winner right there.

Indians are renowned to make use of every ingredient in the kitchen and minimise waste production. If you have some left-over atta at home, you can use it to make this scrummy halwa. Atte ka halwa is also popularly prepared during Navratri vrat and pujas because almost all ingredients used in this halwa are traditionally permissible to have during festive fasting.

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As we mentioned earlier, you require a handful of basic ingredients to make this thick, sumptous treat. Some whole wheat flour, ghee, sugar, water, raisins, cardamom, almonds and pistachios-and you are good to go.

Kitchen Tips To Make Perfect Halwa

The magic of halwa lies in its consistency – how thick or runny do you like it to be? It is all in your hands. You should, however, ensure that you have no lumps in your halwa. Nobody likes to bite into sugar and flour lumps; it may completely deride the experience. The fool-proof way to do that is to keep stirring the flour while you roast it in ghee and also after adding sugar.

Make sure you stir well for 7-8 minutes until you get a nice light-brown hue. Do not overcook your halwa. If it tends to get darker in colour, it is perhaps burnt. As it turns little browner, your halwa also imparts a sweet aroma, do not take out your halwa before that.

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Make sure you stir halwa until you get a nice light-brown hue.

Quick Dessert Recipe: Atte Ka Halwa

Here’s a quick recipe of atte ka halwa. Try making it at home and appease your sugar cravings. If you are wary of adding sugar in your halwa, you can also add jaggery as a healthy substitute. Do let us know how you like it in the comments section below.


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