This Recipe For Peanut Butter Bread Is Going Viral

A lot of people have been trying their hand at bread baking during this period of social isolation and if you’re one of them, you’ve probably realized that it can be kind of tricky! If you’re trying to learn to activate yeast for the first time (or even make a sourdough starter! Yikes!) chances are you’ve been learning a lot about trial and error. But a new bread recipe has been making the rounds online, likely because it’s a lot simpler (and maybe even tastier!) than whatever complicated creations we’ve all been trying.

It’s being called “Peanut Butter Bread” and it first gained popularity back in summer 2019 thanks to a YouTube video from Glen & Friends Cooking. The video features hosts making the bread from a recipe out of the 1932 edition of the cook book Five Roses: A Guide to Good Cooking.

But it really began to gain traction thanks to a post on the subreddit r/Old_Recipes, according to The Today Show. It’s easy to see why the recipe is so appealing, especially as many people are staying in and cooking from pantry ingredients. It mainly includes things you already have at home, plus a modest amount of flour and sugar.

Best of all, it’s a quick bread, similar to things like banana bread or zucchini bread, so it doesn’t require any yeast or rising times. Just follow the instructions and you’ll have bread in a little over an hour. A quick look at the hashtag #peanutbutterbread shows that a lot of people have been giving it a try.

You can find the recipe (as well as some tips and tricks) on the video above, but we’ve also put it here for quick reference:


Glen & Friends Cooking

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