Toll House Sells Microwavable Cake Batter Cups

Baking is so fun, but sometimes you just want a cake ASAP without going through the hassle of mixing stuff up and then waiting for nearly a half hour to enjoy your dessert. Don’t stress—Toll House has your back with a microwaveable cake that has a little bit of everything.

It’s called a “Batter Cups Microwavable Cake,” and it was spotted at a New Jersey Walmart by Instagram account @JunkFoodFoodies. Brace yourself for these because they’re nothing short of amazing.

The Batter Cups, which have two cups to a box, feature chocolate cake batter with white chocolate morsels you sprinkle on top and cook in the microwave. They presumably get gooey and delicious after that, as you can imagine.

People immediately freaked. “Omg this looks unreal,” one person wrote in the comments. “I need!!!” another said. Someone else couldn’t get their head around the fact that this is an actual, real-life dessert. “Cake you can microwave???” they said.

The Batter Cups are ridiculously easy to use. You store them in the fridge and when you’re ready to eat them, you just sprinkle the chocolate morsels on top, pop it all in the microwave for one minute, and then enjoy. That’s seriously it.

By the way: This isn’t the only flavor of Batter Cups out there—there’s also one topped with semi-sweet chocolate morsels if that’s more your thing. Batter Cups aren’t on yet, but fingers crossed they’ll surface soon. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled in store.

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