Special K Lemon Blueberry Cereal Is The Perfect Flavor Combo

There’s something about adding lemon to anything blueberry-flavored that immediately makes it taste even more delicious. Apparently Kellogg’s is aware of this dream team combo because they’ve rolled out a new form of Special K that’s packed with those flavors.

It’s called Blueberry Lemon Cluster Special K, and it was just given some serious love by Instagram account @DadBodSnacks. “I just wanted to share one of my latest in @kelloggsus loves,” he wrote:“Blueberry Lemon Cluster Special K (@specialk). OMG its so good. Like, I bought 4 boxes when I was at the store last time. This stuff is wonderful. I’m #teamLemon all day, so if you like lemon too, you should try this.”

@DadBodSnacks is hardly the only person feeling this cereal. The comments section of his post was flooded with messages from fellow blueberry-lemon fans. “This is my favorite one,” one person wrote. “This sounds absolutely incredible,” another said.

According to Kellogg’s, Blueberry Lemon Cluster Special K is packed with blueberry oat and lemony clusters. It also has vitamins C and E, just in case you were wondering.

The possibilities for this one are (practically) endless. You can sprinkle it over blueberry yogurt for a little crunch, add it to a parfait, use it as an ice cream topping, dive into a big ol’ bowl at breakfast, or simply grab a handful and munch away.

Want to give it a go? It’s currently available at Target for $3.89 and Walmart for $7.76 for a two-pack.

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