Usher Has Been Eating Canned Oysters In Quarantine

Quarantine might have you snacking on new foods you typically wouldn’t reach for, and you should rest assured you’re not alone. Usher is currently self-isolating in his Atlanta home rather than in Los Angeles and it turns out he has been eating some interesting snacks like, uh, canned smoked oysters. So there’s that.

When asked what he’s been eating at home in an online interview with Sirius XM’s The Heat, Usher was straight up: “You know what, man…everything in the refrigerator.” TBH, same. He said it can be hard to choose the healthful snacks when you’re just sitting around all day and that he’s been munching a little more than usual:

Right now, you just wanna feel good. You wanna eat cereal. You ain’t spent all day working so you not built up this, ‘I’m ready to go home and just go to sleep.’ You’re just sitting around all day—even if you choose to do some push-ups or sit-ups or run or jumping jacks or whatever you’re doing in your home—that’s still not enough.

Usher went back and forth with The Heat’s host Dion Deezy, and the two talked about the random things they’ve been eating at home that usually aren’t a part of their typical diets. Dion goes for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and ramen, and Usher decided to expose what his own weird craving has been lately.

“Why in the hell am I in Atlanta eating crackers…and smoked oysters. What the hell?” Usher said with a laugh. “I’m like… canned smoked oysters? Why?”

We may never know the answer, but it’s good to know celebrities are eating strange food combos to get through the days, too. Thank you, Usher—you relatable icon, you.

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