Walmart Has All New Great Value ice Cream Flavors

Now that it’s officially warming up for Spring, ice cream is as acceptable to eat as ever. Ahead of the season Walmart released all new flavors of their Great Value brand ice cream, and one of them is stuffed with animal crackers.

Everyone has an ice cream preference, whether you opt for something super sweet or go for something extra fruity, and Walmart has a flavor for every taste. Circus Cookie and Peach Crisp are on the more traditional side, and both start off with a sweet cream ice cream for the base.

The “Circus Cookie” flavor then adds animal cracker pieces and pink icing, while Peach Crisp has peaches and baked crisp crumble pieces. Also on the sweet side is the strawberry shortcake-inspired ice cream that uses sweet cream as the base and has strawberry swirls and baked shortcake pieces as add-ons. White Chocolate Raspberry is white chocolate ice cream with raspberry swirls, making it a good in-between for those who like a really creamy scoop with a fruit flavoring.

Finally, two of the more creative Great Value ice cream flavors have the fruit flavors come into play. Margarita is a fat-free sherbet made with lemon-lime flavors; its label suggests that if you add salt to your scoop, you can really give it the taste of your favorite summer drink.

The last new fruity flavor is the Mango Habanero Coconut sorbet that swirls mango habanero sorbet (of course!) with coconut ice cream. The label rates the spice level at a medium, but I’m sure the cold temperature makes it less daunting for those that aren’t too sure about spicy foods.

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