Walmart Sells 7-Up Cake That Has A Subtle Lemon-Lime Flavor

While you may be flexing your baking muscle in the kitchen these days, there’s nothing wrong with going for a store-bought dessert every once in a while (or, like, all the time). You do you! And if you want something a little bit out of the norm, you can buy 7-Up cake at Walmart.

Although it may sound like an unlikely ingredient, 7-Up is actually quite common in some baking recipes because it helps the finished product stay moist while giving it a bit of extra flavor. (We have our own 7-Up pound cake recipe, and we swear by the citrus zest the soda adds.)

The 7-Up cake available at Walmart has a lemon-lime flavor and an icing glaze on top. It was seen by @Snackbetch on Instagram and can be bought at Aldi and Safeway as well. Snackbetch’s followers all seem to love the 7-Up cake, and said there are other versions of baked goods flavored with soda like orange Crush that they’ve seen at grocery stores as well. “I was pleasantly surprised by this,” one commenter said. Another said they always buy this cake when they see it on shelves.

Truly, we’re firm believers in trying everything once no matter how crazy it may sound. You may be surprised! This cake would be a fun try for anyone who loves lemon-flavored baked goods because of the subtle citrus flavor 7-Up adds to the batter, and sometimes store bought hits different after spending so much time cooking for yourself.

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