Watch: How To Make Nimbu Soda, The Ultimate Summer Thirst Quencher

Watch: How To Make Nimbu Soda, The Ultimate Summer Thirst Quencher

Nimbu Soda can be had anytime of the day.


  • Nimbu pani is a much-loved refreshing summer cooler
  • This recipe reinvents the Nimbu Pani recipe by using soda
  • The Nimbu Soda recipe also uses mint leaves and lemon slices

Summers are incomplete without refreshing fruits, recipes and drinks. The drinks energise us and power us through the hot summer days, rejuvenating us from within. Nimbu pani is a summer essential which everyone loves. It’s refreshing and can be easily made at home with just three ingredients – water, lemon and sugar. The Nimbu Soda recipe takes the Nimbu Pani a step further. Fresh Lime Soda is a summer favourite and is often a popular item on the menu of several restaurants. This Nimbu Soda recipe is made in a similar way.

This Nimbu Soda is a great airy, fizzy recipe with a minty twist. The mint leaves in the recipe further help in satisfying our urge to drink and cooling down our body. It uses generous amounts of lime juice, powdered sugar as well as sugar syrup, and some whole lemon slices. The Nimbu Soda is bubbly due to the use of soda in it, thus making it an interesting way to replace unhealthy fizzy drinks which contain copious amounts of sugar. Sugar can also be replaced with sugar substitutes to make the recipe healthier and sugar-less.

The Nimbu Soda can be had by itself or along with a meal, since it’s refreshing and light. It is best had chilled, with lots of ice cubes and garnished with lemon on top. Some additional mint leaves and black salt can also be added on top for a whole new tangy edge. The best part of the Nimbu Soda recipe is that the its variations¬†are endless, so you can customise it as you like.

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