Watch: These Are 3 Of The Most Surprising Sources Of Added Sugar In Your Diet


  • Cutting on added sugar in our diet is something that we all try to do
  • High sugar content may be found in unlikely and surprising sources
  • Here are some sources of high sugar content

Desserts are something that we can all eat at any given time of the day. The same applies for hot beverages such as tea, as well as cold ones such as colas. All these food items have one thing in common – excessive amounts of added sugar. Cutting down on added sugar in our diet is something that we all strive towards. But sugar is one ingredient that can creep up into the diet without us even knowing about it. This added sugar can cause harm to our body in more ways than one.

The human body’s natural way of protecting itself is through inflammation, which helps the body defend itself from illnesses and stimulates healing. But excess sugar in the diet simulates a situation, wherein the body is constantly in a state of inflammation. “Excess sugar in the diet can definitely lead to chronic, low-grade inflammation, which can cause chronic disease,” says registered dietician Samantha Bartholomew. In fact, chronic and sustained inflammation is often linked to diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. These diseases can be a direct result of eating excessive processed sugary foods.

So we understand the problem – but what is the solution? The good news is that you need not cut down on sugary foods entirely, as the body does require it in some portion for vital functions. A better alternative is to cut down on eating foods and drinks that contain added sugar in quantities more than necessary. These are foods that we consume every day, but whose high sugar content most people aren’t aware of.

Here Are Three Foods With Extremely High Sugar Content That You Should Know About:

1. Flavoured Coffee

Your daily morning cuppa from the nearby cafeteria may just contain more added sugar than you know. This principle extends to flavoured coffees too. Did you know that most large flavoured coffees contain up to 25 teaspoons of sugar? This is nearly three times the amount in a can of cola. So if you’re thinking of ordering a cup of flavoured coffee – think twice!

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log70cvoFlavoured coffee has extremely high amounts of added sugar. 

2. Protein Bars

Their high protein content has catapulted them into the limelight for being an ‘anytime snack’ to gorge on. But even protein bars aren’t all that healthy as they may contain up to 30 grams of added sugar! This actually makes them nutritionally similar to a candy bar, even with the higher protein content. In case you’re looking for a healthy snacking option, a better alternative would be to have one whole fruit to keep the added sugar content in check.

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protein barsProtein bars may have high sugar content too. 

3. Pre-Cooked Meals

Convenient as they may be, did you know that pre-cooked meals comprise a number of high-sugar syrups in them? Syrups such as sucrose, fructose, barley malt, dextrose and maltose are high in sugar are commonly found in pre-cooked meals and soups. Freshly-cooked meals are the right way to go in case you are looking to lower the sugar content in your diet.

0bl72begPre-cooked soups contain high-sugar content in the form of syrup. 

These are the three most commonly consumed food items that are surprisingly high in added sugar. If you unknowingly consume any of these in high quantities, you may have to rethink your diet. Instead of these, fresh unprocessed foods like berries, olive oil and salmon and leafy greens can help the body stave off chronic inflammation due to their low sugar content.

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