What Does The Perfect Cup Of Tea Look Like? Reddit Thread Decodes The Answer

What Does The Perfect Cup Of Tea Look Like? Reddit Thread Decodes The Answer

The ideal tea shade is often a discussion among the lovers of the beverage.


  • The perfect cup of tea has a number of shades as per the way it’s brewed
  • A Reddit thread explored the perfect tea through a graphic
  • Tea-lovers across the world shared their experiences with tea

There are passionate foodies, and then there are tea lovers. The much-loved beverage has a dedicated fan following all across the country. The quest to brew up a perfect cup of tea requires a lot of skill – with just the appropriate amount of milk, sugar and tea leaves. The concoction may seem easy to make, but actually requires lots of diligence and patience to make. The proportion in which the ingredients are put in the beverage, as well as the time for which it is brewed, makes all the difference to its taste, colour and texture.

Tea-lovers express their displeasure if there is any deviation to their perfect cuppa. A Reddit thread explore what constitutes the ideal cup of tea for most users, and here’s the infographic that was shared on the content-aggregation website. Take a look at the thread and the graphic:

A guide to tea from r/coolguides


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The graphic depicted nine different shades of tea, with varying degrees of brownness in them. The first one to the extreme left was quite milky, while the one in the extreme right was the darkest. There were hilarious descriptions accompanying each cup of tea with it such as ‘Milky Nonsense’ or ‘Advanced Tea’. The Reddit thread got more than 12k upvotes on the platform, with passionate comments from lovers of the beverage. One user commented, “There’s no such thing as tea that’s too strong, only people who are too weak,” while another said, “Nothing will ever write a person off quicker than the furnishing you a substandard tea.”

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