Indian Cooking Tips: 5 Vegetable Raita Recipes You Must Try This Summer Season

Preparing a raita is not a big task and requires less of cooking in most of the recipes.


  • Raita comes as a respite in summers, bringing about a cooling effect
  • A yogurt based dish, raita comes in many different flavours and varieties
  • Here are 5 vegetable raita recipes that you can try this summer season

Summers are here in full swing and it’s time to embrace the goodness of raitas. An Indian meal is often incomplete without a generous serving of a yogurt-based dish such as raita. It is flavourful, light, cool, refreshing and also comes with a host of health benefits. The summer months come with a heatwave that requires more of cooling agents such as ice-cold beverages and accompaniments. And raita seems to top it all in a traditional Indian meal.

Preparing a raita is not a big task and requires less of cooking in most of the recipes. The yogurt-based dish has a vast library of recipes including many fruit-based raitas and refreshing flavours as well. Yet we’ve got 5 interesting vegetable raita recipes that are amped with health benefits and are super easy and quick to try at home for your next meal.

5 Vegetable Raita Recipes You Must Try This Summer Season:

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1. Spinach Raita

Spinach (or palak) is a nutrient-dense vegetable that is low on calories and rich with iron and many other nutrients. These vibrant deep green leaves can be included in the diet in many ways and a bowl of refreshing raita is one of the best ways to do so. Tangy lemon, blanched spinach along with nutmeg, cumin, salt and pepper whisked together, makes for this utterly yummy raita. Find the recipe here.

2. Kheere Ka Raita

A real crowd pleaser, cucumber raita is just the perfect accompaniment to go with almost anything. A simple raita recipe that can put together within minutes, kheere ka raita is light on your tummy and as refreshing as you can imagine it to be. Perfect for lazy lunch meal! Find the recipe here.


3. Lauki Raita

Just when you thought raita cannot get any more innovative, lauki raita swings by like a delightful dish on your taste buds. Thoroughly enjoyed during the summer months, this raita recipe is sure to be loved even by those who run away at the sight of lauki! Healthy, hearty and great for your diet plans, lauki raita is a winner always. Find the recipe here.

4. Mint Raita

Is there anything more summery than something minty in your meal? Pomegranate seeds combined with a delightful mix of lime, sugar, salt, pepper, yogurt and mint leaves, this mint raita is all things fresh and energising! Find the recipe here.

5. Onion Raita

Gorging on biryani, pulao or a heavy curry, onion raita is exactly what you’ll need! It not only tastes delicious but also gives your stomach the much-needed cooling effect. With spicy flavours of green chilli, chilli powder, coriander and cumin whipped up with onion, cream and yogurt, pyaaz ka raita can be paired with just about anything and everything! Find the recipe here.

Move over the usual boondi raita or pineapple raita, these vegetable raitas are sure to make your meal tastier and healthier! Try these at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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