You Can Get Impossible Burgers Delivered To Your Door Now


Facebook / Impossible Burger

Meat can be hard to find at some grocery stores right now and, with that, plenty of people are turning to plant-based meat to get their fix. Thankfully, it’s about to be way easier to get your hands on products from Impossible Foods and it’s pretty amazing.

The company announced on LinkedIn that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has relaxed its labeling rules for direct-to-consumer sales of Impossible Foods’ plant-based meat. As a result, you can now order a ton of Impossible Burgers directly from restaurants.

“We know the last few weeks of the COVID-19 health crisis have been unimaginably difficult for our partners, with many shifting to takeout and delivery,” the company wrote on LinkedIn: “We’ve heard from many of you that during this time you’d like to sell Impossible directly to your guests to cook at home, and now you can.”

Thanks to the FDA’s “flexibility,” Impossible Foods says that restaurants can sell Impossible Burger five-pound bricks, quarter-pound patties, or one-third-pound patties directly to you.

“The price is up to you,” the company continued, before pointing out that restaurants just need to print out and give customers a copy of a food label for the burgers. The label is pretty simple: It lists out the ingredients and potential allergen (soy), and lists out the net quantity.

The company finished on this note: “We hope this provides our partners with even more ways to serve customers during this unprecedented time.”

Want to get your hands on a little (or a lot) of Impossible Burgers ASAP? Search for places that sell the plant-based meat in your area using Impossible Foods’ restaurant finder. Then, call up a restaurant near you to confirm that they’re selling the burgers and place your order.

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