You Can Now Get Spam Fries, Because There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Canned Meat

It’s 2020, and anything is possible. OK, so maybe we don’t have flying cars (yet), but at least we have … Spam Fries? The new offering from the canned meat brand is taking consuming pork with ham to the next level.

Maybe you’ve made Spam Fries yourself for years now — after all, the brand has a recipe for the delicacy on its website. But now you can pop open a container and enjoy it even easier. The packaging says that the dish is “fry shaped pork fritters.” They look a lot like the new Spam Patties, but instead of one piece, these are cut up to look like french fries. With both, you can expect a breaded version of the canned ham.

“Any day can be Fryday when you cook up Spam Fries!” the description says. “Ready to eat in minutes, these lightly breaded strips made from the same ingredients as the iconic Spam classic are perfect to add some Spiced Ham flavor to your favorite recipes or as a snack on their own.”

The brand has the Spam Fries on its website listed as “coming soon,” but it’s already been spotted in stores. One container has 4.5 servings, so tonight’s dish is officially decided. There’s limited availability in stores, as detailed on the website, so if you’re anxious to get pork fritters on your plate, consider this your green light to head to the store.

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