Tom Hanks Posted A Photo Of Vegemite Toast And The Internet Is Roasting Him

The world was stunned last week when beloved actor Tom Hanks announced that he and his wife, actor Rita Wilson, tested positive for coronavirus. Since then, Tom has shared small updates about their recovery in Australia, including a snap of him enjoying some Vegemite toast. But because it’s the internet, people couldn’t help but tease him for how much he used.

Tom posted the photo to his Twitter on Sunday. It featured a little stuffed kangaroo holding the Australian flag, a glass of water, and two slices of toast covered in Vegemite with the caption “Thanks to the Helpers. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other. Hanx.” Just. Lovely.

If you’ve never heard of Vegemite, you might be wondering what in the world people could be taking issue with in this photo. Well, it’s a spicy brown spread that’s super popular (and controversial) in Australia and many Australians posited that Tom had laid the spread way too thick on his toast. But of course, they mentioned it to him in the kindest way possible. Because everyone loves Tom Hanks!

Some people, however, thought he shouldn’t be eating Vegemite at all…

Others, still, defended the amount of Vegemite on his toast. Let the man do what he’d like!

Jury is still out on how much Tom enjoyed his Vegemite (some commenters were quick to point out that he only took one bite!) but here’s hoping we get another update soon…this time with Tim Tams? Who can say.

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