Creamy Coffee Is The Latest TikTok Trend

Looking for something to do on your phone besides aimlessly scroll Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Download TikTok! People post videos up-to-60 seconds and there are so many cooking and food hacks you can watch. Currently, a trend known as “creamy coffee” is getting popular, and I can’t wait to try it out for myself.

Seriously, practically everyone—cooking account or not—has posted a video of them trying out this coffee trend. The whole thing involves mixing ingredients together that make coffee a semi-solid form, similar to the consistency of whipped cream.

All it takes to get this creamy coffee is equal parts instant coffee grounds and white sugar, as well as boiled water. The work comes in with all the mixing you have to do, because you’ll want to whisk the three ingredients by hand until you accomplish the light brown and frothy texture. From there, you’ll fill a cup with ice and your preferred milk, and top it off with your hand-whipped coffee cream.

TikTok user @newt120, who is known on the app for his fun and easy cooking tutorials, posted a video of him making the coffee. In his caption, though, he called it Dalgona coffee, which is actually the original name for this coffee.

The coffee started out as a viral trend in South Korea. It’s called “dalgona coffee” because it resembles the texture of dalgona batter, a popular Korean toffee, according to the LA Times. Pro tip: If you want to try out this funky online trend without the caffeine, you can sub out the coffee mix for hot chocolate powder, and voila!

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