Gordon Ramsay Shared Some Tips For Washing Your Hands

If anyone knows a thing or two about good hand-washing practices, it’s a professional chef. That’s why when Gordon Ramsay shared a video giving some of his best hand washing tips, we made sure to pay attention.

Gordon shared the video to his Instagram this week as part of the #nhshandwashchallenge, which raises awareness of proper hand-washing techniques amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re quite familiar with Gordon, you’ll notice he slips right into the cadence of going through one of his recipes, but instead, he’s just trying to help you learn how to wash your hands well.

First, he starts off by wetting his hands slightly, adds a “nice dose of soap,” and rubs it into his palms, as well as the outside and inside of his hands. Then the real tips start: He interlocks his fingers and rubs them up and down the get in between his fingers. Taking notes!

Another thing Gordon noted? Make sure you get under your fingernails. This is probably also the time to break out those nail clippers because keeping them short is more hygienic.

“Across times like this, it’s really important to keep those nails very short,” he said. “Trust me, they do look very cool short.”

Gordon tagged friend formula one driver Lewis Hamilton in the post, who also had a go at washing his hands on camera. Fans and other friends seemed to approve of Gordon’s tips.

“CEO of hand washing,” one person wrote. “‘Let me show you how to wash your hands. First of all, olive oil in the pan,'” another joked.

Haha, we had fun here today…now go wash your hands…no, seriously!

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