Disney Has A Video Ride-Through Of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

In case you missed it, there are about a million videos floating around out there that capture the experience of going on some of the most iconic rides at the Disney Parks around the world. That’s all well and good (GREAT, even!), but this week, Disney released an official video of its own so you can take a virtual ride on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

The Disney Parks Blog released the video Wednesday which shows the whole ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World from start to finish. If you’re not familiar, the ride takes passengers on a train ride through hills and mountains. Also, fun fact: The town you’re riding through is called “Tumbleweed.”

Because it’s Disney, the video is also full of magical anecdotes. As you take your virtual ride on this clickety, clackety train, you’ll be treated to all sort of fun facts that appear on the screen. My personal favorite is that all of the trains have inspirational names like the I.M. Fearless and the U.R. Courageous. So cute.

This ride video is the perfect way to keep kids and adults alike entertained as more people are spending time at home and the Disney park are temporarily closed. In fact, with all of the recipes for park foods that Disney has been releasing lately, I’d say you have all the makings of one pretty amazing day on your hands.

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