This Groundhog Ate A Slice Of Pizza And People Love This Video

Kristin Chalela BagnellFacebook

There is something so cute about animals eating like humans. Remember pizza rat? Or, my personal fave, Baby the spaghetti rat? It just gets me every time. Well, now another rodent is enjoying Italian-American cuisine and delighting the internet, so buckle up.

People absolutely fell in love with a groundhog eating a slice of pizza in Kristin Chalela Bagnell’s yard in Philadelphia this week. Kristin posted a video of her dogs rushing over to her sliding glass door, only to see this extremely zen groundhog chowing down.

Throughout the video, the groundhog continues to eat his slice of pizza, not caring about being on film, not caring about the human or dogs mere inches away from him. He only cares about his gigantic slice of cheese pizza. I respect it.

People in the comments lost their dang minds as well, hailing this simple video as the cheer-up we all needed this day.

“This is beyond adorable! Thank you!” one person wrote. “This is great!!! I had groundhogs on our property in PA but never saw them up close, only the holes they dug that we’d trip in!” another wrote.

I think the only thing I can do as a Respected Food Journalist (LOL) now is to ask…what will be next? Perhaps a hamster eating a piece of bucatini? Maybe we’ll get a guinea pig munching on a zeppoli? I can only hold out hope for an adorable chinchilla going to town on a stromboli. Only time (and the internet!) will tell.

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