Drumstick Has Super Nugget Ice Cream Cones To Give You More Of That Chocolate Nub

From a convenience standpoint, Nestlé’s Drumsticks really hit the nail on the head. There’s no need to break out the ice cream scooper, because the cone, frozen dairy dessert, and topping come prebuilt, so all you have to do is eat. Oh, and let’s not forget about the best part: the chocolate nugget at the bottom of the cone. Now you can get cones with even more chocolate at the bottom. It’s a dream come true!

We’re not sure what it is about that chocolate nub that really gets people looking forward to finishing their dessert. Maybe it’s the type of chocolate that’s used. Maybe it’s the chocolate and wafer combination. Maybe it’s a nice solid bite to finish the sweet treat. But now that bite will be stretched out to a few, because the Super Nugget pack gives you more of what you want.

Drumstick’s Super Nugget cones consist of the same cone, frozen dairy dessert, chocolate coating, and nuts that you love from the original. With this pack, however, you’ll get more of that chocolate nub at the bottom. Now time for a hard hit of reality: These cones have been out since at least 2015. I know. We don’t know where we’ve been all this time either, but we have a lot of catching up to do.

You can get the Super Nugget cones in a variety pack with vanilla, vanilla fudge, and strawberry flavors. A box of eight Drumstick Super Nugget cones cost $6.47 at Walmart, and they’re available at other retailers, including Target.

It’s a beautiful thing when brands listen to what consumers want, and Drumstick has certainly done that by adding more chocolate to the bottom of its cones. Now all we need is for those Oreo Drumsticks to make their way to the U.S. and all will be right in the ice cream world.

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