Emergen-C Doesn’t Love Your “Quarantinis”

Because experts are recommending social distancing and avoiding face-to-face interaction in light of the coronavirus outbreak, people had to make their own fun this weekend while cooped up in their homes. One of the most viral moments from the weekend came when people whipped up their own “Quarantinis”—or liquor mixed with vitamin C drinks like Emergen-C. Well, someone tipped Emergen-C to the idea and guess what? It turns out they don’t love the idea!

Twitter user @MStarkloff shared a photo of her own cocktail using Aviation Gin and Super Orange Emergen-C. Though she tagged Aviation Gin and Ryan Reynolds (who owns the brand), it looks like Emergen-C spotted it anyway and cautioned against this viral trend.

“We do not recommend taking any of our products with alcohol,” they replied.

Aviation Gin, for its part, took a lighter tone.

“We’re sorry about this @emergenc but also big fans,” the brand replied.

It followed up with another tweet clarifying that you should not be drinking alcohol if you’re sick….but that if you’re not, maybe this mixer is not such a bad idea.

Aviation Gin even shared a photo of an actual bar making Quarantinis, but with orange juice. A quick Twitter search showed a TON of people making their own versions of Quarantinis and the main two ingredients are…you guessed it: Aviation Gin and Emergen-C. I mean…whatever keeps you all safe and in your houses, I guess!

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