Gigi Hadid Dips Her Fries In Mashed Potatoes


PHILIPPE HUGUEN / Contributor/Foc Kan / ContributorGetty Images

Most people have a certain way of eating fries that makes those crispy pieces of potato taste juuust right. Maybe you’re a classic ketchup fan, maybe mayo is more your jam, or maybe you like to mix things up with mustard. Apparently Gigi Hadid knows something we don’t, because she just revealed that she likes to eat her fries with…mashed potatoes.

It all came out in a new cover story for Harper’s Bazaar, where Gigi was interviewed by a bunch of her famous friends, including Taylor Swift, Serena Williams, and Kendall Jenner. Gigi covered a bunch of different things in the interview, but one topic in particular has got people talking.

It all started when Queer Eye food expert Antoni Porowski asked, “Please explain how/when you discovered French fries with mashed potatoes as a thing to eat.”

“It was probably after a few passion fruit martinis at Le Chalet at L’Avenue at Saks, which makes my favorite mashed potatoes on the planet,” Gigi responded. “We must have run out of ketchup, so I dipped the fries in the mashed potatoes—and eureka!”

We’re basically talking about having potatoes two ways, which doesn’t seem that random when you put it like that. But we also have so many questions. How do you even dip your fries in mashed potatoes without the whole thing turning into a total mess? What does Gigi do when there are no mashed potatoes in sight? Does she settle for ketchup or just deal? And are all fry/mashed potato combos delicious, or just the ones at Saks?

Gigi has yet to publicly comment on Potatogate.

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