Holi 2020: 7 Tasty And Healthy Holi Snacks You Must Try


  • Replace your fried gujiyas with baked gujiyas
  • Oats idli is an ideal breakfast on Holi morning
  • Tikki chhole is a popular mouth-watering Holi snack

Thanks to India’s rich culture and heritage, we have some of the most diverse and fun-filled festivals to celebrate. Knocking at our doorstep is the festival of colours – Holi. From gulal to pichkaaris, the infamous (or famous?) bhaang to the yummy gujiyas – Holi is truly an occasion that brings everyone closer. And like any other Indian festival, what’s Holi without some tasty and healthy food? Over the years, we have become so conscious about our hair and skin that we now only opt for organic colours then why don’t we pay some attention to our diet as well? Extra sugary snacks loaded with calories during Holi can put a dent in your weight loss goals. So, this Holi, try these super amazing healthy treats and ditch the sugary ones.

7 Tasty And Healthy Holi Snacks You Must Try:

1. Baked Gujiyas

Replace your fried gujiyas with baked gujiyas. Prepared with varied flavours and limited sugar, baked gujiyas will be your perfect dessert this Holi. You can also stuff it with fruits like apples or pineapples in the baked gujiyas. Click here for the recipe.


Healthy Holi Snacks: Baked Gujiyas

2. Palak-Methi Dumplings

When it comes to good health, there’s nothing more beneficial than adding greens to your meals. Palak-methi dumplings made with besan (chickpea flour) give you the benefits of iron and protein. Have them with mint chutney and it is bound to taste finger-licking good!

3. Oat Idli

This is an ideal breakfast on Holi morning. It is super quick to make and is low in fat content. You can add some carrots, beans, and peas to the preparation to make it healthier and tastier. Click here for the recipe.


Healthy Holi Snacks: Oats Idli

4. Moong Dal Dahi Vada

Who said you can’t have healthy food without compromising on the taste? Add moong dal to the urad dal and shallow fry the vada instead of deep frying. Moong dal is loaded with proteins, essential vitamins and minerals. Enjoy your delicious dahi vada with lots of curd. Click here for the recipe.


Healthy Holi Snacks: Moog Dal Dahi Vada

5. Low-Cal Thandai

Let’s face it-Holi without the signature thandai is bound to feel incomplete. The good news is that you can enjoy a glass of thandai without compromising your health. Just use organic milk to make it healthier and replace the sugar with a small portion of jaggery, and you’re good to go! Click here for the recipe.


Healthy Holi Snacks: Low-Cal Thandai

6. Tikki Chhole

This one is a popular mouth-watering Holi snack. But the traditional tikki chhole is made of potatoes which are loaded with starch (calories). To add a healthy twist to it, reduce the number of potatoes in the stuffing and replace it with more beetroot, carrot, or paneer. You can then roll this stuffing in oats, which is another healthy choice, and then stir fry the tikkis instead of deep-frying them.

7. Lauki ka Halwa

Bottle gourd (lauki) is 98% water and is high in dietary fibre. It is low in saturated fats and thus, makes an amazing ingredient for your Holi delight. Add your favourite dry fruits to the halwa and add a few rose petals to it and it’s ready to be devoured. Click here for the recipe.


Healthy Holi Snack: Lauki ka Halwa

With a healthy diet and lifestyle choices, festive times can be both fun and healthy. If you’re someone who is constantly on the lookout for healthy recipes, you can even add these to your daily diet.

About Author: Dr. Pooja Bohora is a clinical dietitian and nutritionist with more than 8 years of experience. She is a certified diabetes educator and member of IDA. She specialises in nutrition, endocrine health, diabetes management, weight management and therapeutic condition-specific diets.

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