Pop-Tarts’ New Frosted Confetti Cake Bites Will Be A Party In Your Mouth

It looks like you have a new snack to add to your kid’s lunchbox … or your own! Pop-Tarts Bites already come in Frosted Strawberry, Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon, and, most recently, Frosted Chocolatey Fudge. Joining the lineup is the Frosted Confetti Cake flavor!

The bite-sized treats have a white filling in the pastries with a white coating and sprinkles on top. They were made to taste like confetti cake, so we’re hoping it’s like eating a slice of Funfetti cake!

If this flavor is sounding familiar, Pop-Tarts has a Frosted Confetti Cupcake pastry, which has a white coating and sprinkles on top. So these look tiny versions of those, making it the ideal snack.

The Pop-Tarts Frosted Confetti Cake Bites will be available nationally in May 2020, a PR rep confirmed to Best Products. A 5-pouch box has a suggested retail price of $3.69 and a 10-pouch box will be $4.98. They’re already listed on Walmart’s website, so fingers crossed they make it to shelves a little early (because, clearly, we don’t have any patience).

To continue this confetti cake flavor, you might want to check out Pillsbury’s Funfetti Pancake & Waffle Mix and Coffee mate’s Funfetti coffee creamer. Because why shouldn’t every meal (and snack) taste like cake?

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