This Pizza Chain Will Give You A $3 Pizza If You Find A Typo In One Of Trump’s Tweets


Michael Ciaglo/& PizzaGetty Images

Are you a person with an eye for grammar and spelling so keen that you can spot a typo a mile away? Do you annoy your friends by correcting their grammar? Do you like pizza? Well, do we have a deal for you. Starting now, if you can spot a typo on a tweet it can earn you some cheap pizza. The only catch? It has to be from one Twitter account in particular: President Donald Trump’s.

East coast pizza chain &pizza is running a promotion right now where you can earn yourself a $3 pizza for quickly spotting a typo in one of Donald Trump’s tweets. Here’s how it works: From now until March 8, which just so happens to beNational Proofreading Day, you’ll have 90 seconds to spot a typo in a recent tweet from the @TheRealDonaldTrump’s Twitter account. You’ll then text the typo with the hashtag #TRUMPTYPOS, to 200-03. Once it’s verified, you’ll get a promo for a $3 pizza.

You’ll notice, this says RECENT tweets. So no going back and shouting out “covfefe” or whatever else happened to make the news in the past. This has to be new and you have to be quick! If you’re serious about the cheap pie, you’ll probably have to turn on notifications for Trump’s tweets. Have fun with that!

If you don’t live by an &pizza (which you can find out here!) this probably doesn’t do you much good! But there’s nothing saying you can’t play along just for fun. Ya know, if you’re REALLY into grammar.

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